Digital Photograph Release

By personally posting on our website or social network groups, electronically submitting, or otherwise having delivered personal photographic images, digital or otherwise, website users warrant that they own the copyright in said images or have obtained express written permission from the copyright holder to distribute said photographs.

Website users submitting photos including images of minor children also warrant that they have the authority to distribute said pictures of children.

In transmitting the photographs (either electronically or by “hard copy”) users hereby grant to (SMO) unrestricted permission to publish, at its discretion, any of the aforementioned image(s) in any and all of its publications, including, but not limited to, the organization’s e-updates, website and/or promotional materials.

Website users submitting photographs also acknowledge and agree that neither the owner of the photograph, nor any of the subject(s) depicted in the images will receive compensation from SMO for the use of said photographs.

Further, website users transmitting photographs hereby agree to hold SMO harmless from any liability resulting from said use of any or all of the aforementioned photograph(s) and release SMO from any claim arising from the creation or publication of the photograph(s).

SMO is unable to return any photographs (print or digital) submitted and approved for publication.

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