Visions of the Bus Driver…

school-bus From talking to many moms this week, it’s clear we all face mixed feelings.


Summer is almost over, and school is just around the corner.  Our calendars are back in high-gear as we complete last minute physicals, dental and eye exams, forms, registrations and after-school activity scheduling!


I have to admit, I am one of the moms who is excited and ready for school to start…envisioning my kids climbing aboard with a smile and a wave.  Why?

  • Sibling rivalry has reached a 3-month high … or rather low.  The picking at each other has proven there’s been a bit too much togetherness.
  • No matter what choices you offer – camp, outings, games – you hear the same response, “I’m bored!”
  • Staying up late at night is wearing on everyone.  It’s time to put structured bedtime into full gear.
  • We’ve had a lot of fun this summer, but I can tell they are excited to see their friends every day.
  • Both girls are excited about school, which I give all of the credit to the fantastic teachers and administrators at their schools.


For me, the first day of school this year is a BIG milestone.  It’s the first year both of my kids leave for full-day school (kindergarten and second grade).  I have worked from home the past 7 years, juggling work and motherhood with crazy hours! As of August 24th, I will have both girls off to school by 9:00 a.m.


As the bus pulls away, I will refill my coffee and head up to my office where the house will be quiet, there will be no child care bills coming my way, and I can crank out my work in 6 hours before they return!


Ahhh…visions of the bus driver.


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