Trying Not To Be “Chopped!”

If there is anyone who needs inspiration in the kitchen, it’s me! I’ve burned soup, made lumpy, bumpy pudding and don’t ask how many times I have used the microwave to “cook.”

My kids like basic staples I can handle like PB&J, cheese quesadillas, hot dogs, pizza, tacos and Mac n cheese. I make delicious pumpkin muffins (they have two ingredients), and I can order take out like a pro.

So what’s my new obsession? Watching the Food Network and the array of fun competitive cooking shows that pit one chef against another (throw down with Bobby Flay, Chopped and Cupcake Wars). Not only do I learn by watching, but I become inspired (and hungry for dinner :-).

Lately, I’ve been taking baby steps to planning meals, taking the time to buy all of the ingredients and trying to be more thoughtful about what our dinner plates look like.

I was thrilled when my efforts rubbed off on my 8 year-old.  While I was cooking dinner one night, she and her sister had their own episode of “Chopped” and created an appetizer, main dish and dessert. Their only rule was…cook with what’s on hand here at home ’cause we don’t have time to go to the store right now!

I will always smile when I see this photo. It shows love, creativity and my daughters having fun and pride in the kitchen. The food translation? Fruit smoothie, mini sandwich bites, cheese for garnish, smoothie for “decoration,” muffin with icing and a red hot for flair.

I want to foster more of these memories in the kitchen, so I’ll keep trying and involving them along the way!

Email us your favorite dishes you prepare with the kids or any other funny, humbling kitchen stories!



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