Top Qualities to Look For In an Orthodontist and Orthodontic Practice

  1. Timeliness – Of treatment timeAleman, Ortho 5
  2. Cleanliness – Sterilization process
  3. Hygiene Control – Monitoring and educating patients on oral hygiene
  4. Communications– with patient and patients General Dentist
  5. Healthy Functioning Bite – Centric stops and cuspid protection
  6. Stability – Retention follow up, stable results
  7. Fine detailing – Angulations of teeth, referral of specialist if needed
  8. Follow Thru – Working well with other offices, making sure end results are the standard of quality from the orthodontist
  9. Education – Keeping up with the latest advancements in orthodontics and technology
  10. Positive Atmosphere – Staff works well together and creates a positive energyAleman, Ortho
  11. Expectations Plus – Listen to the patient and not only meeting the patient’s expectations but exceeding them
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