Tick Tock…To Do’s

I love lazy Sundays, but in reality they aren’t always very lazy.  Lingering thoughts of Monday, the week full of activities, work, scheduling, rescheduling…it all lingers in my head.  Ironically, I happened to read my horoscope today  “What you want to accomplish by the end of the day and what you actually have time for are two very different things.”


Yes, I know; but I don’t want to be reminded! Or, maybe I do!


Alas, I enjoyed a “lazy” day of time with the girls and slipped in just a few to do items on the list, but most of it, I left alone….tomorrow will come.  The list will still be there, and the fun times we had yesterday far outweighed getting through all of the “to do’s”.


Have a great week!



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