The Healthy Person Mindset

Joe and Jill Thiel, Owners, Certified Personal Trainers

If you want to get healthy, you have to think like healthy people do. We don’t diet, we don’t ‘start new programs’ or give a lot of thought to calories. We find the weight loss and fitness industry to be mostly comical or completely absurd. We think differently, and at Fitness Together we teach our clients to think differently – our most successful clients do not struggle with weight loss or body image issues and yes, this can be you too…

It’s rather easy to get healthy and lose weight; the greatest problem most people face is their own minds. To get out of your own way, here is the first of several introductory concepts of a healthy mindset related to food and weight loss:

Desire: Many people who make resolutions to lose weight are in fact, simply trying to ‘keep up with the Kardashians’ – that’s my euphemism for trying to conform to what society deems appropriate for body image. This inevitably leads to mental conflict and giving up because:

a) The goal is not yours; you will lose interest or experience confusion.

b) Society’s ideas of body image and weight loss methods are inherently flawed, obsessive and self destructive.

c) The concept of ‘weight loss’ is embedded with attitudes and strategies that are incongruent with health.

If you want to get rid of belly fat and experience long-term health, make sure the goal is genuinely yours and that you’re not trying to conform. There is a lot of pressure in society to play this game. And it can be hard to see this if you haven’t thoroughly examined your motivations.

Take some time each morning and ask yourself WHY you want this. Make sure the desire is yours and not your parents, your spouse or society’s idea that you have unknowingly injected or are being pressured into.

Questions are powerful, ask yourself:

  • Why do you want this goal?
  • What is your core reason?
  • What are the many benefits of this goal?
  • How sick and tired am I of feeling bad every day?

Make a list of 100 benefits in other areas of life that you will experience from successfully losing weight.  Own the desire and be ready to make a few small simple changes.

I suggest making your goal to enhance the quality of your life, not to lose weight. Make your goal personal, meaningful and true to your heart.  Own it and go for it!

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Submitted by Springfield Moms sponsor Joe Thiel, the owner of Fitness Together with his wife, Jill. For an appointment, call 726-7613 or check out their listing on our Mom’s Choice Directory.

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