The “ABC’s” of Summer: What Are Yours?!

This submission from Sarah Chandler made me smile as we head into the first weeks of summer.  Have your family come up with their own version!

The ABC’s of Summer

By: Zach, Levi, Evan and Anne

If you need some more fun summer activities or ideas, check out this list compiled by these neighborhood friends during a play date. See if you can catch the multiple references to zoo animals. 🙂

Ants, art project, Anne twirling, airplane rides

Butterflies, bees, beach, bunnies, boating, bowling, bird watching, baseball, bicycles, building

Corn on the cob, cozy dogs, colorful chalk, carnival rides, camping, canoeing, coloring

Dragonflies, diving, donut shop morning, dress-up, decorating shirts

Elephants, eels, eating outside, Evan running

Fireworks, frisbee throwing, French fries, fishing, fish fry, finger painting, friends, farmers market, farm visiting, family time

Grilling out, garage sales, goat feeding, golf, grandparent visit, gardens, green grass and leaves.

Horseback riding, honey, hippos, hiking, Henson Robinson Zoo, hamburgers

Ice cream making, ice cream eating, ink drawing, incredible cookie baking

Jam making, jammie day, juice treats, jaguars, juice making, journey to Jacksonville

Kite flying, kids, kickball

Lounging, library visit, laughter, Lincoln sites, Lake Springfield, lilies, Lego building, Levi climbing

Movies in the park, music in the park, mowing, manicure, museum going, Muni

Neighborhood BBQ, new playground, Nerf squirt guns, naps

Orange slushies, orchestra listening, ostrich watching

Parades, picnic lunch, pool, parks, play dates, popsicles, pedicures, puppies, pickles

Quilt shows and quiet time

River rafting, Ring Around the Rosey, rollerskates, reading, rope jumping, Red Rover Red Rover

Swimming, splash park, sprinklers, sun, sandcastles, soccer, sleeping in, strawberries, swinging

Tent sleeping in the backyard, treasure hunt, telescope, tour a factory, towels

Unique parties, underwater camera

Vacation, varmint watching, vegetable garden

Water park, walks, watching birds, walking the dog, Washington Park, water color, water fight, wagon ride, water balloons

X-ray, Xenotarsosaurus (dinosaur at a museum)

Yarn art, YMCA fun

Zach munching, zebras, zoo, zookeeper for a day, zizzer zazzer zuzz, zephyrosaurus



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