Springfield Jr. Blues Looking for a Few Good Billet Families

The Springfield Jr. Blues are currently looking for billet families for the 2016-217 season. Being a Billet Family is a great way to be a part of the Jr. Blues’ storied franchise. The Jr. Blues are entering their 24th season as members of the North American Hockey League.

What is a billet?

A billet is someone who room and board to someone away from home. In the Jr. Blues case, a billet opens their house to a young hockey player who has dreams of playing Division-I hockey and professional hockey.

What is expected of a billet?

A billet is expected to create a family like atmosphere for the player. The billet is also to create a fun and safe environment for a player to call home. Additionally, billets are to provide food and meals for players while they are home, as well as a bed to sleep in.

Does a billet get paid?

Yes. Billet’s will receive a monthly stipend of $300, per player, to cover the cost of food they provide for kids in the home.

Why should someone billet players?

Billeting is a very rewarding experience for both the players and the family. The goal of billeting is to create a “home” for players while they are working toward their goals of advancing their hockey career. The student-athletes are in Springfield to give back to the community while trying to move to the next level. By becoming part of your “family”, billets have the opportunity to create a special bond with players that can last a life time.

Don’t just take our word for it though.  Here’s what one of our families had to say on the Springfield Junior Blues Facebook page: From Laura Abney Wilhoite: “Billeting a student athlete is very rewarding! Our family has hosted a total of 8 hockey players over the years and they were a very positive influence on my 2 boys. We keep in touch with all of them and they will always be part of our family! One of them moved back to Nashville to live near us after his hockey career was over to finish college. Being a billet family was the best decision we ever made.”

We’ll be featuring their games year-round, but preview their full schedule here!


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  1. Lynsey Canty says:

    Hi! I found this article, I know it’s from several months ago but I was wondering if you knew who to contact regarding becoming a billet family. Thanks for your help!

    Lynsey Canty

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Lynsey: I sent an email to the coach of the Jr Blues so you can follow-up with him! How wonderful to be open to this option. Several SpMoms readers have done this and it’s been a great experience for everyone.

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