School Daze Have Begun!

I know many of you have already started this week, and I hope all was off to a great start!  Our family begins the school routine on Monday.  Last night at Meet the Teacher, it was a shock  to be surrounded by so many people, school supplies, lists, sign-up sheets, new cubbies and classrooms; where did summer go?!  I don’t know if it was the weather this year or just the amount of things we had going on, but I sure wouldn’t mind one more week of feeling like it was summer again.  Once the lunch box packing, homework routines and morning school bus scramble begins at our house, summer feels like a distant memory that I’m glad to have a few photos to refresh my memory.


As school starts again, the calendar is chock full of details of what’s going on.  This is the last year for awhile that my kids will be at the same school; so I am celebrating the convenience of that!  For those of you juggling kids in two to three (or more) different schools, I applaud your ability to synch your calendar and your car availability to make it all work!


As the year begins, one area I’m always looking to improve upon is variety in their lunch boxes.  Any suggestions for quick, healthy and varied school lunches, our drawing on Sept. 1 is for an iTunes card from all readers who post them here or on facebook!  Wishing you all a terrific year!

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