Make Every Day Count

vanessa-kim-usa“You can either count the days OR make every day count.”

This quote has remained on a postcard I have kept since at least 1995.  At that time, I was enjoying life in San Francisco working for a textbook publisher, traveling 75% of the time all over the country, and enjoying every moment.

Despite my work schedule, I took the time to savor where I lived and experience all that the Bay Area offers.  Weekend drives to Napa Valley, Sonoma or Carmel.  I loved to explore the many different neighborhoods throughout San Francisco.  Noe Valley, Pacific Heights, The Castro, Union Square, Market Street and The Marina where I had a top story apartment to enjoy the view.


When I would meet San Fran natives or California natives, they just didn’t seem to appreciate their surroundings.  I would wake up and enjoy the foggy mornings, driving up and down the hilly streets  to get to work, knowing that every street has an amazing view of the Bay.   Other people would just seem rushed, distracted or complain about this that or the other.

Looking around at the beautiful surroundings, I lived like a tourist in my own town.

I never lost that attitude, but now almost 15 years later, with the busy life as mom, business owner, friend, volunteer, sister, daughter…it’s hard to take the time to truly appreciate the value of each day.

I sometimes find myself counting days…more than I would like.

However, this summer has been filled with many real life situations that have jolted me back to reality and reminded me to keep this quote at the forefront of my mind.

Make every day count!



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