Work From Home Book by Local Author Mary Byers


Being a mom is a lot of work, all by itself. Springfield Moms understands that.  Many of our readers work full-time; still others juggle a work from home job while caring for children. But in today’s economy, we also have readers who are contemplating starting at home businesses.

Regardless of your background, we have a helpful book to recommend: “Making Work at Home Work: Successfully Growing a Business and a Family Under One Roof” by local author and Springfield Moms contributor, Mary Byers.

So what do you do when you add more work (the kind that pays) to an already busy and stretched-thin routine? How do you balance your role as mom with that of helping bring in some bacon for your family? How can you do both successfully and be more fulfilled than ever? Those are the questions moms are asking, as they try to do what’s best for their families during these uncertain economic times.

 Mary Byers has been there, too, and she’s lived to tell about her experiences.  She managed to figure out how to successfully grow a family and a business under one roof. She has learned from personal experience, as a work-at-home mom for more than a decade. She compiled all her from-the-trenches wisdom with that of 125 other work-at-home moms into a new book, “Making Work at Home Work.”

This is the go-to resource for all moms who want to provide for their family, as a mother, wife and wage earner. That’s because Byers knows that each element is essential, and so she addresses and celebrates all the aspects of running a home-based business, as both “Mommy” and “CEO.”

Her book offers you dependable and down-to-earth advice about:

• Balancing your duties between that of entrepreneur, wife and mom
Power principles for the self-employed
• Setting boundaries for a work-life balance that works
Child-care strategies that work for you and your family
• Quick and easy dinner recipes to whip up when time’s running short
• Harnessing your ambition to work (even when you don’t feel like it)
• Developing a one-page business plan and a work philosophy
• How to work less but make more
• Knowing when to take a break

• Overcoming “just-one-more-thing-itis”
• Essential record-keeping strategies for tax time
• The joys and freedom of subcontracting
• Looking to the future by reinvesting and planning for retirement
• How to include your children in the business

The book includes profiles of other successful work-from-home moms, including some Springfield Moms readers, who open up about the real, raw and rewarding challenges.

“One of the hardest decisions I ever made was to leave full-time employment outside the home in order to be more available to my children,” Mary says. “It’s hard to be a wife, mother and CEO and to be equally good at all of these jobs. But even though the path is hard and the pay may not be great, it’s so rewarding. The time you invest in your family is never wasted.”

Submitted by Springfield Moms contributor Mary M. Byers, wife and mother of two school-aged children.  She is the author of “The Mother Load,” “How to Say No and Live To Tell About It” and “The S.O.S. for PMS.”  She contributes parenting columns to Springfield Moms and lives in Chatham.




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