Kids Craft: Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

If your family enjoys art, try making your own wrapping paper.

The recipients of your “hand wrapped” presents will feel very special knowing you took the time to make a wrapping paper just for them! Plus, you can save a little money and help the environment.

Potato Print Paper: Cut a potato in half, carve out a design with a knife. Kids, get your parent’s help with this! The raised part will be what you’ll stamp. Stamp the potato onto an ink pad, and then onto a roll of plain paper. For a “greener” option, use a paper shopping bag, cut it open and use the non-printed side for your design.

Butcher Paper: Buy a roll of butcher paper. Decorate with markers, crayons, stickers, stencils, stamps, glitter glue, cutouts from magazines or greeting cards, sequins, watercolor/tempera paints, or even photographs!

Riddles: Write a joke or riddle somewhere on the outside of the paper, with the answer on the backside.

Using Leftovers: You can also wrap presents with leftover wallpaper, Sunday comics, pages out of a catalog, or print something from your computer if it’s a smaller present.

Embellish It!  No present would be complete without a ribbon! You can tie it up with a cool set of shoelaces, and you could even tie a dollar to the present. Other ideas include trinkets, barrets, scrunchies, toy cars, or even pieces of nature like pine cones or small twigs.

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