Join Us in Giving the Gift of Life!

We are so proud to have adopted a day at the Central Illinois Community Blood Center.  on Friday, December 21st.

What does this mean?  We hope to motivate new donors, bring back those who haven’t donated in a while and emphasize the valuable service that CICBC provides to the Greater Springfield Area. 

You never know when you will touch someone you love and when someone you don’t know may need your donation.

Set the example for your kids of giving from the heart and donate. It takes just a few minutes to complete the paperwork and then about 20 minutes to donate.  One of my favorite things after donating is wearing the sticker  “Be Nice to Me, I Saved a Life Today”

It will be a wonderful way to finish out your week!  Please tell them you’re donating on behalf of we want to show them our commitment to spreading the word!

 Once you start, I promise you will not feel obligated to do it again, you will feel MOTIVATED and INSPIRED…and don’t we all need more of that in life!  Doors open Friday at 8:00 and stay open until 4:00 p.m. 



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  1. Rosemary Leistner says:

    Good One!!

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