Illinois Foster and Adoptive Parent Association

The Illinois Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (IFAPA) is the only nationally recognized foster parent association in Illinois. The IFAPA stays on top of new laws, rules, regulations and funding proposed by DCFS or the Illinois state legislature. It actively seeks funding for foster and adoptive parents to attend conferences. It advocates for foster and adoptive parents.

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IFAPA was organized to provide support and education to foster and adoptive parents. By advocating for positive change in the child welfare system, both foster/adoptive parents and their children benefit. By listening to concerns of foster/adoptive parents throughout the state, area of needed reform can be targeted and addressed. By working with established child welfare organizations, IFAPA combines efforts to become one of the most innovative and responsive states in this field. Membership in the IFAPA is open to everyone and would fall into one of the following categories.

  • Foster/Adoptive/Guardianship/Kinship which is for currently licensed foster/adoptive parents (voting member);
  • Honorary which is for other than foster/adoptive parents and does not pay dues but is a member by virtue of his/her outstanding service to the Illinois Foster Parent Association and its members. They are non-voting members.
  • Other: a person who is a supportive member who believes in IFAPA and its purposes and goals, and is also a non-voting member


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  1. Stephanie Neasley says:

    I am intrested in becoming a foster parent I need more information.

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