Healing the World with Kindness

Healing the World with Kindness…isn’t that a nice phrase to see spelled out prominently?  My eight year-old shared this as we were driving around town.  She asked if she could start a website for kids.  “What would your website have on it, ” I inquired.    She said it would show people how to help others and how important it is to give back to others.   She immediately grabbed a piece of paper and sketched out a logo and announced the name VanessaCares.org and a few minutes her tagline:  Healing the World with Kindness!


Eureka!  I was beaming with pride.  Vanessa has always had a huge heart, wanting to give back to others, share money, make crafts and signs for others, and she gets very concerned when she hears of people affected by natural disasters and any tragic or worris life events happen around us.  So, the concept of her blog was no surprise, but her immediate call to action was intense!

As soon as we arrived back home, she had made a list of her first blog topics and she asked me to go online and secure the domain name: vanessacares.org.

I emailed our SpMoms graphic and web designer Russ Friedewald, and within a day he had converted her sketch to a beautiful logo and helped us get the blog online! 

She is writing about once a week on any topic that inspires her.  So far, she has written about the Animal Protective League, St. John’s Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network (she has been a Miracle child so she knows the impact personally), Bullying tips, and most recently she wrote about Oscar Pistorius.

I hope you will follow and support Vanessa on this important journey and share ideas and things your children are doing that Heal the World with Kindness so Vanessa can share their stories too! 


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  1. Rosemary Leistner says:

    Vanessa’s website is so GREAT!!

  2. Jen Madiar says:

    Like mother, like daughter! Vanessa is such an inspiration to others – can’t wait until my kids are old enough to read so they can follow her blog. For now I’ll read it to them. 🙂

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