Girls, Girls, Girls

kim_girls_summerNo, I’m not talking about the Motley Crue song; this is a G-rated blog post after all.

As a mother of two girls, our house is full of “girlie” stuff and emotion.   “Sugar and Spice and everything nice”….well, most of the time!  Ahh, who came up with that one, anyway?

It’s fun regardless to share all of “my stuff” with my girls.  I have fond memories of pawing through my mom and older sister’s closets, trying on their clothes, shoes and purses.  Now, my girls are hanging out in mine, begging for any hand-me-downs and always offering advice on what shoes or accessories to add to my outfit.

It’s a fun time for us to talk, laugh and share opinions. I’m not sure who started the tradition of women complimenting other women on our clothes, accessories and shoes, but it is a common bond that all women share.

When we meet another woman, we can instantly relate by chatting about her earrings, purse or haircut.   It’s not superficial, it’s a way we connect and open conversation that ultimately creates a positive light in someone’s day or a new friendship!  It comes naturally to us, and I see this validated when my girls are playing at home.


Although I can’t say that I am thrilled with the lack of evolution of the Barbie image and appeal over the years, I can tell you that our basket of Barbies is one of the best toys in our house.  The play scenarios and dialogue of conversations my girls come up with keep them entertained for hours!  When all else fails, they turn the family room into a store with merchandise from all of the house, displaying great bargains and providing stellar customer service to all who shop.


The only downside to the Girls, Girls, Girls in our house? My lip gloss stash is constantly raided with my favorite ones routinely ending up in any place other than my purse!


p.s. Note to the shoppers reading this post.  The shirts we are wearing in the photo above were created by Eye Candy by Brandy here in Springfield. print your 15% off coupon.








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