From Madelyn: Giving is Better Than Receiving!

This local birthday girl has the right attitude!  Giving always feels better than receiving!  Thank you for sharing your story and setting such a wonderful example for kids of ALL ages!
Since I couldn’t decide what I wanted for my birthday, my Mom and I talked about donating to HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital. My Mom explained to me the toys could go to sick kids anywhere in the hospital even the ER and pediatric rehab. I sent the wish list from the hospital with my birthday party invitation. I asked that they purchase from this list or they could donate money and I would shop for them! I had so much fun shopping ! We got nerf balls, barbies, legos, matching games and so much more! 
I was inspired because my brother had to go the hospital for speech and occupational therapy for three years. They were always so nice to him and really helped him. It must be very hard for the kids that are at the hospital because they are stuck there. I did this so they could have something to make them happy and have something fun while they are at the hospital for treatment. 
I would tell others kids to donate because it makes me feel happy to help the kids at the hospital. You won’t even miss not having presents on your birthday because this was so much fun to shop for toys and know they are going to make someone else happy!  
Thank you,
Madelyn Connolly, Springfield IL
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