Fizz Facts That Will Make You Rethink That Soda Habit

amanda_sodaThanks to Springfield Moms premium sponsor Aleman & Sternstein Orthodontics for this thought-provoking information about soda and your family’s teeth.

With it being back to school time for most, we thought it would be good to share some facts about the consumption of soft drinks, sport drinks and sweetened fruit juices.

Today, American’s consumption of soft drinks, fruit juice and sports drinks has increased by 500 percent in the last 50 years. Soft drinks are America’s single biggest source of refined sugar. Each regular soft drink contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. The more sugar in your diet the greater the risk of cavities.

What is a cavity? A cavity is actually one of the most common diseases throughout the world. A cavity is caused by bacteria called “streptococcus mutans” which produces a sticky substance that can stick with other bacteria to form “plaque”. Once these two come together they use sugar as their fuel and produce an acid to start chewing away at your teeth. Therefore, anything you eat or drink with a sugar/acid combination lets these bacteria eat away at your teeth. Brushing a minimum of twice a day, with one being before bed, is crucial in the fight against these bacteria!

Many may be aware that acid attacks teeth, but may not realize that each acid attack last 20 minutes and starts over with every sip! These ongoing acid attacks will weaken the tooth enamel and cavities will begin once the enamel is damaged.

Most soft drinks, sport drinks and sweetened fruit juices will contain both sugar and acid. How damaging is your favorite beverage?

Beverage Acid (low is bad)       Sugar (high is bad)

Pure water 7.00 0.0 tsp.

Barq’s 4.61 10.7 tsp.

Diet 7up 3.67  0.0 tsp.

Sprite 3.41  9.0 tsp.

Diet Dr.Pepper 3.41  0.0 tsp.

Diet Coke 3.39   0.0 tsp.

Diet Mountain Dew 3.34  0.0 tsp.

Mountain Dew 3.22  11.0 tsp.

Orange Slice 3.12  11.9 tsp.

Diet Pepsi 3.05  0.0 tsp

Nestea 3.04   5.0 tsp.

Gatorade 2.95   3.3 tsp.

Dr. Pepper 2.92   9.5 tsp.

Squirt 2.85   9.5 tsp.

Hawaiian Fruit Punch 2.82  10.2 tsp.

Coke Classic 2.53   9.3 tsp.

Pepsi 2.49   9.8 tsp.

Battery Acid 1.00   0.0 tsp.

*Regular soda contains both sugar and acid. While diet soda is sugar free, it still contains a harmful acid.

Try this at home: Spoon 10 level teaspoons of sugar into a bowl. This is the amount of sugar you consume in an average 12oz. regular soft drink. Now times that by the number of soft drinks you consume in 1 day.

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