Earth: Inspiring and Humbling

earth globe with mom and daughterWe took the kids to see the movie “Earth” knowing it would be educational and beautiful…it was and much more.  The theme?


Life throws you harsh realities, but it also offers paradise.  This is important for all of us to remember.


Following the journeys of various animal families, you and your kids will be engaged and alarmed at what they endure.  The cinematography is spectacular; my favorite was a night scene with the lions vs. the elephants and the fantastic shot of the great white shark…amazing!


My girls, ages 5 and 6, were a bit scared during the predator scenes.  Even I had to close my eyes hoping the little one would get away, but we all know the circle of life prevails.  Fortunately, they didn’t show the carnage.


The movie is a bit slow-paced for the younger kids, but it’s an incredible opportunity for them to view and appreciate our Earth.

It will also make you very glad you are not the Momma elephant, just thinking of her makes me thirsty and tired!

Check out area showings at Kerasotes Theatre.




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