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Don’t be intimidated by the name!  Progressive Kenpo Karate is about so much more than kicking and punching. We are a family that strives to train not only our bodies, but our minds and spirits, too! And, while it’s true that fitness is a crucial element to our classes, it’s confidence that we most wish to instill.

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A confident child will flourish in life. Confidence encourages self-control, the ability to adapt and to set and achieve goals. Working through our belt ranking system allows your child the opportunity to set measurable goals that are realistic to attain. The sense of accomplishment that accompanies graduating to a new belt is rewarding and provides a foundation to set goals in other areas of life.

With confidence also comes an energized spirit…an ability to practice patience, respect, self-discipline, integrity, humility and perseverance. We call these concepts ‘Power Words’! Power Words are an integral part of our program. We focus on a different power word every month…setting goals and providing rewards specific to that word/life skill. Rewards can include movie nights, roller skating, sky zone, mini-golf, game nights and more!

You’ll watch your confident child improve in areas like balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. And, YOU, can feel confident in knowing that your child is capable of defending him/herself both mentally and physically!

Join us at PKK for a FREE (3 classes) trial program! We are located (since 2001) at 1824 Stevenson Drive in Springfield, IL. Please call or text me at 217-726-0097 to schedule an appointment or visit us at

With Smiles,

Amy Giles

Owner /Operator PKK

5th degree Black Belt – Kenpo Karate

2nd degree Black Belt – IKI (Krav Maga)

2nd degree Black Belt – Japanese Jiu Jitsu

Brown Belt – Arnis/JKD

Halloween Fun at PKK

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