Baby and Toddler Tools for Kitchen Ease

  • Sippy Cup Chaos: Stick to ONE type or brand of sippy cups so that all lids and valves fit perfectly. With many different brands, it takes forever to match up the right valve with the right lid and right cup when unloading the dishwasher. Stop the madness!
  • Toddler Snack Trays: Take the advice of Springfield Mom Hillary Gorrell and famed pediatrician Dr. Sears (father of eight) who uses an empty muffin tin as the ideal snack tray. It's a way to get more healthy foods actually into¬†children's tummies. It's all about presentation and letting them help prepare the tray. Fill each cup hole with nutrient dense snacks, have kids help choose the items and fill the tray. Watch the snacks disappear. Of course the best items would be cheese, fruit, veggies, and whole grain crackers and cereals.
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