Book Nook: Infant to Two-Year-Old

Book Nook BabyReading to your infant is one of the best activities you can do in those early months.  Sandwich some of these colorful and age appropriate stories below in between activity time and naptime for a wonderful bonding experience.


  • Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman.  Feiwel and Friends with Macmillan, 2010.  Love, love, love this one.  The unique illustrations will give you and your kids much to look at and exclaim over, and the text is heartwarming.
  • Thank You For Me! by Marion Dane Bauer, illustrated by Kristina Stephenson.  Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers, 2010.  Love this book that combines endearing illustrations with text that helps baby learn about his body and count.  “My nose smells rain, my puppy’s fur, Grandpa’s bread, or his roses instead.”  Add this one to your home library.
  • Who’s That Snoring? A Pull-the-Tab Bedtime Book by Jason Chapman.  Little Simon, 2010.  Someone is snoring … who could it be?  This is bright and bold and fun to read.  The culprit at the end has the best expression.  Might not be the most calming right before sleeping bedtime book but definitely a fun read.
  • DK Braille: Counting. DK Children, 2016. This tactile presentation is perfect for you and the baby on your lap, as you help baby learn to count to 10. This is designed for visually impaired readers, and its large print is great for anybody.
  • All of Baby Nose to Toes by Victoria Adler, illustrated by Hiroe Nakata. Dial Books for Young Readers, 2009.  “Baby’s got eyes, bright little eyes.  Round as pie eyes.  Just the right size eyes.  Like an owl-wise eyes.  Who loves baby’s eyes?  Great interaction with this one.
  • Look at You !  A Baby Body Book by Kathy Henderson, illustrated by Paul Howard. Candlewick Press, 2006.  Your baby will love the illustrations in this book and the text adds to the fun, too.  “Sigh, flop, snuggle down, curl up in a heap.  The story’s done, this body’s tired, and now it’s going to sleep.”  Try this one before nap or bedtime!
  • I Kissed the Baby! by Mary Murphy. Candlewick Press, 2003. Various animals comment on a new duckling, leaving room for enthusiastic parent interpretation and many kisses, of course.
  • Daddy’s Lullaby by Tony Bradman, illustrated by Jason Cockcroft. Simon & Schuster, 2001. This precious book shows a dad coming home late, checking on his wife, his preschool age son and new baby. The new baby can’t sleep so dad and baby go downstairs together and “visit” until they both fall asleep in the armchair. Great book for families expecting a new arrival.
  • Birthday Blessings by Dandi Daley Mackall, illustrated by Elena Kucharik. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. 2001. This board book intrigues the baby set by focusing on children, animals, and birthday pictures that complement a rhyming “thank-you” to God for making birthdays.
  • My Big Brother or My Big Sister by Valorie Fisher. Simon & Schuster. 2002. Told from a baby’s perspective, this book shows the wonderful qualities of a big brother or sister with colorful and humorous photographs from baby’s eyes.
  • Big Farm Machines: Caterpillar, Inc. 2002. For younger boys especially, this board book entrances! Each colorful photograph takes place on one page while the words on bright backgrounds describe the action on the opposite page. Expect excited reactions!
  • So Many Stars by Andy Warhol. Mudpuppy, 2014. From its Warhol illustrations to the distorted mirror at the end of the book for making silly faces, your baby will love this one.
  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? By Bill Martin, Jr. Henry Holt and Company, 1991. Yes, it’s a classic and for good reason. The bright colors, repetition, and parent-supplied dramatic animal noises make this a favorite for babies and toddlers alike.
  • Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1994. This fun book shows a zookeeper putting his animals “to bed” and then heading home, unaware they are following him home. When his wife discovers the menagerie sleeping in her room, she walks them all back to the zoo. The humor and pictures make this a hit with the younger crowd.

 Submitted by Julie Kaiser.



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