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Unknown-2We asked our readers what they have on their bucket list for this spring.

  • Spring Cleaning!  For some great organization tips check out this siteUnknown
  • Have Family Pictures Taken
  • See Swan Lake at the Springfield Ballet Company
  • Plant a Garden
  • Put Winter clothes away and organize the closets with summer clothes
  • Spend more time outside
  • Unknown-1Ride bikes and roller skate
  • Clean out the garage
  • Work on the Landscaping
  • Relax More
  • Plant Flowers
  • One reader is going to the UK and completing a major item on their bucket list.

museum computerTyping. My 7th grade son has been typing for years–with two fingers.

If you’re my age, you might remember learning to touch type (eyes in the air!) in middle school or high school. I remember Mr. Tverdik pacing the classroom and calling out, “F, FF, space, F, FF, space” over and over, while we typed along.

These days, you can’t wait for ninth grade. If you are in 9th grade and still using the hunt-and-peck system of typing, you’ll be slower at getting school work done. Online tests and projects will take longer.  But how do you learn to type?

I looked for online resources and found a variety of free options for a wide range of ages.  Give these a try, and leave a comment to tell us what works best for your family.

For little kids through early elementary school:

For big kids and tweens:

  • Not exactly teaching which fingers to use, but this website has a lot of games that involve typing.  The website has animated ads on the side, and music during the games, which can be distracting, but if your child responds to learning with Spider-Man or saving the world, it’s worth a try:
  • Typing Ghost: players are required to destroy the ghots by typing the words on them. Again, might want to turn down the volume a bit.

For multiple ages and abilities:typing

  • This starts off with just the “home keys” of f and j, and then works up from there in a series of silent lessons, all the way up to “specialty typing,” which would have come in handy when I was temping in my 20s! This website scores you for words per minute, accuracy, and problem keys, so you know what you should work on. You need to sign up, but it’s free.
  • Keybr: This web application that will help you perfect your touch typing, improving your typing speed and accuracy. Shows speed, errors, and how you are improving.!game

Once you’ve been typing a while:

  • Ratatype: You have to sign up, but it’s free. This site helps you build speed and continually tests your typing speed.

Warm Springs Ranch entrance Warm Springs Ranch 2 horsesWe enjoyed a spring break day trip to Warm Springs Ranch home to the breeding farm of the infamous Budweiser Clydesdales . Located in Boonville, MO about 20 minutes past Columbia, MO. You can enjoy the beauty of four stallions and 30 mares that mate about once a year. It’s also the home of retired “hitch” horses with about 90-120 Clydesdales on the farm.  During our visit they had welcomed four babies just days apart. They were housed in the stables with their moms and will stay with their mom for about five months. We learned about their breeding program, saw their exercise area, cleaning stable and the massive touring trucks for the esteemed traveling hitch team. One of the highlights was meeting Andrew, the star of the puppy love Budweiser commercial.

We learned a lot about the beautiful hitch horse team you see in their commercials, on posters and in parades nationwide.  Each hitch the three teams of eight males (with the perfect Clydesdale coloring and size) travel in style to more than 300 sites; that’s 1000 appearances a year! Each team has their own Dalmatian mascot sitting on the hitch wagon with the handlers.

We highly recommend this tour. You must make a reservation and the tour runs from April- October as they have two tours per day at select two times only. The farm is serene and beautiful, and we want the horses to enjoy their downtime out of the spotlight!  All of the details and to register for a tour visit their website

IMG_2697.JPG IMG_2696.JPG IMG_2665.JPG




People throw the phrase “low-carb” around without really knowing much about the diet. They assume that as long as you eliminate “bad carbs” like sugary drinks and foods, you’re on a low carb diet. Although that may be partly true, there’s much more to going “low-carb” than just eliminating bad carbs. As they say, the devil is in the detail, and it’s knowing the details that can really help you optimize the benefits of low carb diet and avoid the mistake too many people make, that suddenly bring their fat loss to a screeching halt.

There are several different types of “low carb” diets, with the major difference being the amount of carbs you consume.

If you’re on a very restricted carb intake, less than 50 g of carbs a day, you’re technically on a ketogenic diet. This is when you’re body literally converts fat into ketones for energy use. For most people this is too difficult to maintain, since you can come out of a ketogenic state very easily. As soon as your carb intake exceeds 40 – 50 g of carbs your body automatically shifts away from producing ketones.

A much easier level of carb consumption is between 75 – 125 g of carbs a day. This can be much easier to maintain, as long as you eliminate refined carbs and keep your consumption of unrefined carbs that are dense in carbohydrates such as whole grains, potatoes, tubers and some legumes to moderation.scale

It’s commonly assumed that if you’re on a low carb diet, it means you’re on a high protein diet. Although that may be true, relative to how much protein you used to eat, especially if you were on a typical Western diet high in carbohydrate foods – if you look at the percentage of total calories that come from protein in a given day, it’s not true at all.

To illustrate my point, let’s take a look at a sample of a typical low carb diet of 2000 calories a day. If you exercise 3 – 5 times a week (which is usually what I recommend) you should be consuming about 1 g of protein per pound of lean body weight. For the sake of this example, let’s say this individual weighs 170 lb and has 20 percent body fat.  This equates to 136 lb of lean body weight, and that means this individual should be eating about 136 g of protein a day.

Contact me if you’d like to calculate your body fat percentage.

Let’s say that this individual consumes a typical low carb diet of 100 g of carbohydrate a day. Both protein and carbs have the same 4 kcal per gram of food.  Therefore the number of calories that come from protein is 136 g x 4 cal/g =  544 and the number of calories that come from carbohydrate is 100 x 4 = 400 for a sum of 944 calories.

As mentioned earlier, the daily total calorie intake was 2000 calories for this individual.  So to calculate the calories from fat, we would need to subtract the total number of calories (2000 cal) from the sum of the calories from protein and carbs: 2000 cal – 944 cal = 1056 calories (fat)

So when you break it down into individual macronutrient content, here’s what it looks like:

Protein:  544 cal (27%)
Carbs:  400 cal (20%)
Fat:  1056 cal (53%)


When you actually see what this individual eats on a “low carb” diet, it’s hardly high in protein.  In fact, it should really be considered a low-carb/high-fat diet.


But too many people are still stuck on the idea that fat is bad, so they reduce their fat intake and increase their protein intake to try and make up for the calorie deficit produced by lowered carbohydrate intake.  This may sound fine, but if you try it, you’ll quickly find out that your body doesn’t function well on a low-carb/low-fat, high protein diet.  In fact, you simply won’t be able to sustain this kind of diet.


What happens when you try and follow a low-carb/low-fat diet is increased moodiness, increased irritability, constant low energy, extreme high sugar cravings and general malaise that worsens as your stick to this diet longer (sounds like fun to me!).  This is why some many people that try low carb diets eventually end up rebounding by over consuming carbs and gaining weight.


Now it’s important to note that you’ll experience similar symptoms in the first couple of weeks, if you’re following a low-carb/high-fat diet.  But these symptoms will disappear fairly quickly and you’ll start feeling the exact opposite.  You’ll gain significantly more energy, have little to no sugar cravings, experience less hunger, no mood swings and you’ll feel better all around.


So in order to avoid this common “low-carb/low-fat” mistake, it’s super important that you consume enough fat in your diet.


Here are some healthy fats that I recommend:

  • Coconut oil (great for cooking
  • Coconut butter – you can eat by the spoonful for snacksAvocado
  • Olive oil (great for salads)
  • Macadamia oil (great of salads)
  • Small fatty fish like sardines, herring, anchovies (wild caught)
  • Large cold water fish like salmon, trout and mackerel (wild caught)
  • Fatty cuts of red meat (grass fed beef)
  • Fatty organ meat
  • Bacon (in moderate amounts)
  • Whole eggs – yolk is where the good fat is (eggs that come from pasture raised chicken is best)
  • Avocados
  • Nuts (in moderation, remember no peanuts…they’re technically legumes not nuts)
  • Some dairy products like milk, cheese and heavy cream, if you’re not lactose intolerant (Note: goat cheese is easiest on your digestion)

Lastly, try and stick to organic products as much as possible, and stay away from GMO foods. 200-TransformHere

Submitted by Springfield Moms sponsor Joe Thiel.

Lincoln Boys BirthdayNo excuses on Sunday April 19th! It’s FREE admission day for everyone from 9am until 5pm as we celebrate ten years of success at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in downtown Springfield.
It’s the showcase of our Lincoln tourism and not to be missed by locals alike.
Visit our website for the list of special events going on that day!
ALPLM 10thAnnfwksLogo

LLCC-logo-NEWLincoln Land Community College has two FUN classes coming up for teenagers!

VIDEO GAME CAMP for people ages 16-21

FIRE”, “1-UP” and “GAME OVER” are all terms you have used in your favorite video game.  While you might enjoy spending many exciting hours playing your favorite video games, have you considered making one of your own?  Stop waiting and hit the “START” button to enroll into the 2015 Video Game Camp.  This camp teaches you how to experiment and create a video game. You will be paired with a Lincoln Land Community College Digital Media and Design student who is currently in the Game and App Design program. They will help you create your game, and publish it to an iPad for testing.  At the end of camp, you will have experience to know whether this is a career just for you!  keyboard

Instructor:  Matt Shaver
Mon. – Thurs., 7/6/15-7/9/15  from 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.                    
Course Codes and Fees:
CEW 101-09 $135 (ages 19-21)
YES 101-09 $135 (ages 16-18)


HIGH SCHOOL YOUNG CHEFS CAMP for teens finishing grades 8-12

Young teens will experiment with simple yet sophisticated menus and learn the basics of knife skills, cooking and baking techniques.

June 29-July 2 8:30-12:30

To register call 217.786.2292.Young man holding mixer

April is Autism Awareness Month! Are you aware of the resources available in Springfield?

Skill Sprout is a premier provider of services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and they also offer many therapeutic and educational opportunities to children and adolescents of all ages and abilities. Taking a family-centered approach, our highly-trained and compassionate staff will work with you to develop the best plans and programs available, from initial screenings through intensive therapies. Our team specializes in a wide range of areas, and our services include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, Occupational Therapy,Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Skills andPeer Groups, Parent Counseling, Sibling Support Groups, School Consultation, Parent and Group Training, Tutoring, Preschool Readiness Programs, Science and Technology Exploration Programs, and more! Most services are available at our clinic location in Springfield, and many can be provided in-home and in-school by our talented team of professionals. Contact us for more information on how Skill Sprout can help your child grow today!

You can review other Autism Resources on our A-Z index as well.




Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, and photos make a lasting, meaningful gift. Terry Farmer Photography has a spectacular offer right now for Mother’s Day mini-sessions.terry farmer sidebar moms day 2015

Here are some ideas of how you can use this copuon:
1. “Generation Portrait” This is always a big hit with both mom and grandma. A portrait of Grandma, mom and kids.

2. “Mommy and Me Portrait” Treat yourself and your kids to memories of mom. A portrait of mom and the kids.

3. “Children’s Portrait” Surprise mom with a portrait of just the kids in color or a “Black & White Fine Art Session”.

Offer expires April 30, 2015.
Gift Certificates also available in any amount.

Call now to schedule your appointment.

Read more and get coupon here.

Our readers shared with us some fantastic ideas to get outside and enjoy this nice weather.  (Once it’s actually here to stay!) Thank you to our amazing readers for these ideas:

  • Washington Park was the most popular destination to spend time.  Our readers suggested picking up subs and enjoying lunch in the park.  Feeding the ducks ranked high on the list as well. images
  • Playing outside with new chalk, bubbles, hula hoops or riding bikes are always a favorite.
  • Heading over to the Henson Robinson Zoo with a picnic seems like a great way to spend spring days.
  • UnknownRiding bikes to the Ice Deli
  • Painting terra cotta pots is a great way to enjoy your activity for years to come.
  • Plant some beautiful plants in your newly painted pots.
  • Lincoln’s New Salem or other near by towns to sight see.  Even if it’s just window shopping.
  • Plant some produce in a home garden.
  • The Drive-In opens in April.  The earlier movie is usually family friendly.
  • A nice stroll through Lincoln Memorial Gardens
  • Riding bike on the Lost Bridge Tail
  • Unknown-1Flying a Kite or build your own kite to fly.
  • Drive with the windows open
  • Last but not least playing in your backyard and ending the day going out for ice cream doesn’t get any better!

TEN CampMemorial Health System

Ever think about becoming a Registered Nurse (RN)?

Memorial Health System’s Teens Experiencing Nursing Summer Camp program gives you the opportunity to personally experience nursing practice and can help you pursue a rewarding and essential career.

TEN Camp 2014 2The TEN Camp Experience
The camp is held at Memorial Medical Center, a Magnet hospital. The program begins with an orientation and an overview of the nursing profession. Participants will visit Memorial’s Clinical Simulation Center and our Surgical Skills Lab where students will learn and practice basic nursing skills. Participants will also have the opportunity to job shadow on several of our nursing units and interact with nursing staff. Some of the possible observational and interactive experiences include time in the maternity department, dialysis, the burn unit, the emergency department and intensive care. You will work with real nursing staff and experience real nursing practice with real patients.

How do I sign up?
The 2015 Teens Experience Nursing Summer Camp is scheduled for July 13- 16, 2015. Participants must be able to attend all four days of the camp and may not leave the camp early for any reason other than a family emergency. We are looking for qualified and motivated high school students with a strong interest in pursuing a nursing career. We will accept applications for the 2015 TEN Camp program from February 9 – April 3, 2015. Printable applications are available online.

If you need further information, call the Organization Development Division at 217-788-3580.