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We’re building our HoliDaze Guide. As your organizations plan their holiday events, let us know!Christmas Bells

  • Holiday Happenings
  • Holiday classes and lessons
  • Holiday arts and crafts fairs and bake sales
  • Visits with Santa, and of course –
  • Cookie Walks!

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Today’s blog is from Ethan Whelpley. Ethan has social media accounts on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, SoundCloud and and wants to share lessons he’s learned from having an online presence as a tween and teen.

It might seem hard to be safe and smart online. I have learned from my experiences online and have compiled a list of 7 tips to a smarter online personality.

  1. in the car teenBe yourself. Don’t try to impress others online. Behaving online like someone you’re not is a waste of time and you’ll regret it in the future. For example, if you pretend to use drugs online to try to impress your friends (which, by the way, is NOT impressive), years later a job interviewer might find those posts and you will most likely not get that job. Your parent, teacher, or coach could see the posts right now, assume they are true, and then your reputation may be tarnished. You might be punished, or worse. People believe what they see online and it’s hard to change their minds after they’ve seen something. Often it is impossible to tell what is a joke and what isn’t. It’s best to be true to who you are, online and in “real” life.
  2. Criticism is not bad. Listen to criticism. If it’s a positive comment, you know that your content is something that people like. If you receive negative criticism, then consider stopping those types of posts. When I receive criticism, I like to re-evaluate what I have posted in the past that has succeeded. Then I focus on something that works instead of trying to fix what people don’t like.
  3. Delete hate comments. You want your comment section to be honest, but if someone leaves a mean commentteen and grandma online just delete it. It’s as simple as that!
  4. Be interactive with your friends and fans. Respond to your friends’ posts. Respond to comments on your posts. Don’t feel compelled to follow someone back if you don’t want to. If you follow someone back, they will feel on somewhat of a personal level with you. Some of my favorite YouTubers are well known for following fans back and liking fans’ tweets. 
  5. Share the good and bad about your life. Everyone is tired of seeing all positive things on social media. Share some of the bad things in life. Don’t be too deep but make sure to be down to earth.
  6. If you screw up, then admit it and do something about it. This will have your friends and fans trusting in you because you are showing that you are honest. Earlier this year, I posted something and I did not even intend to offend anyone, and somebody got offended. I apologized and explained that I had not meant to offend the person, and then I just deleted the post. Sometimes it’s worse to delete your post, so keep that in mind. The best thing is to consider what you post, before you post it, and don’t post anything that might hurt someone else.  
  7. Be a role model. Be someone who you would look up to. A good example of someone who does this is FaZe Blaziken. He makes sure not to swear or do anything inappropriate, because he knows that kids watch his videos. Here’s a link to his YouTube channel:

Now that you have learned these 7 tips I hope it will be easier for you to go out on the internet and be successful on social media! Good luck!

Ethan Whelpley will be entering high school this fall. His videos can be found on YouTube at and his music is at SoundClud at

img_8127Indian Creek Farmstead may be one of the best little secrets the area has to offer.  A couple weekends ago my family and I visited and I can tell you that we will be going back soon!  Truly a charming and beautiful place to make a family tradition.

On Saturdays, there are Belgian Horse drawn carriage rides.img_8121  Other days you can take a tractor pulled wagon ride out to the timber.  You can pick your own pumpkins or select from the pre picked array.  img_8139My kiddos could spend hours at their play area.  They have little houses for the kids to play in.  Including one covered in chalk paint that the kids can draw all over.  Make sure to let your kiddos try lassoing their own bull.  The girls loved thisimg_8131 and we had to convince them to come over and check other things out because it was so much fun.  The farm animals were a highlight with goats who are clearly divided over their loyalty to the Cardinals and Cubs.  My girls loved playing in the corn box and riding the pedal tractors.  The craft area where the kids could paint their own ceramics or make tie dyed shirts was a nice img_6963and unexpected touch that the kids LOVED!  We made our way into the Olde Shoppe to look at the fun items and cute decor available for purchase.  Then played some checkers as we had a snack in their Tractor Grille.  Make sure you plan enough time.  It really is a great way to spend the day.  Visit their website to learn more! img_8153

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-7-15-22-pmWe all benefit from inspirational stories, and we have people that provide that for us everyday: a family member, a teacher, a colleague or a friend.  The upcoming Disney picture will spotlight the impact that one person can have when they show someone how to be an unlikely champion. We want to know who the local Unlikely Champions are in your life so we share some fun prizes and experiences with them.

Disney’s QUEEN OF KATWE is based on the inspiring true story of Robert Katende and Phiona Mutesi.  Phiona was a young girl living in the slums of Katwe, Uganda.  One day she stumbles upon Katende and a group of children playing chess in a makeshift church.  Through the guidance of Katende and the game of chess, Phiona is encouraged to believe in herself.

“Sometimes the place we’re used to is not the place you belong. You belong where you believe you belong.”  Robert Katande.  Eventually, she finds herself not only competing in local chess matches, but winning in international competitions.  Robert and Phiona’s story celebrates the notion that champions can come from the most unlikely places. QUEEN OF KATWE releases in theaters nationwide on Friday, September 30

Watch the trailer here and let us know who has inspired you and how this person overcame an obstacle in their life—and became a champion against all odds.

Submit your nominations to us at by Friday October 14th.

Share your inspirational stories, and we will distribute the following prizes to 4 nominees!

  • One of TWO Family 4-packs to Vocalosity Wednesday October 19th at 7:30pm at Sangamon Auditorium
  • One of TWO Family 4-packs to Wild Kratts LIVE Choose from two shows on Saturday November 12th 1:00 or 4:30 pm at Sangamon Auditorium
  • $25 Target Gift Card

We can’t wait to read your nominations!


There are so many reasons to check out Pumpkin Creek Farms. My family and I were able to enjoy it over the weekend and we had to let our readers know why we think you need to check it out.

Reason Number 1: We stepped out of our car and were immediately greeted by a wonderful smell.  The smell of fresh baked cinnamon and sugar donuts. Now let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with a donut but THESE donuts are out of this world.  Hot and Fresh!  Such a fun unexpected treat!img_8164

Reason Number 2: Duck Races!  Kids young and old can get in the fun of pumping the water and racing rubber duckies.   Such a fun activity.

img_6971Reason Number 3:  The Crazy Corn Bin. Who doesn’t want to climb into a bin full of corn?  The kiddos love it!

Reason Number 4:  The Petting Zoo.  New this year pet and feed bunnies, goats and chicks!

Reason Number 5: The Barrel Train.  Little kids will absolutely love taking a ride in this awesome train!

Reason Number 6: Haystack Mountain and Tractor and Pony Swings.  Let your kiddos play on the haystacks or the swings.  Any of the play area activities will entertain your kiddos for hours on end!  You could spend a whole afternoon there!

Reason Number 7: Hayrides!!  A fun fall tradition!  Go for a ride to the pumpkin patch to pick your pumpkin.

Reason Number 8:  The Corn Maze!!  A three acre maze that is full of fun facts and trivia.  This maze is no joke! Have fun searching for the exit.  (Pro Tip:  Bathroom Break for the littles before hand)img_6982

img_8166Reason Number 9:  The Fleck family themselves.  A local family who is so welcoming and make you feel right at home.  They have created such a fun family environment.

Reason Number 10:  The pumpkins of course!!  From unique pumpkins, traditional jack o’lantern pumpkins, to GIANT pumpkins, pick yours up this weekend!

You will love this featured Pumpkin Patch!  For their hours and more info check
out their website here!! img_6993


terri_jolene_llcc_culinaryMeet Terri from LLCC’s Faculty and have fun making beautiful cake creations!
For 85 years Wilton has been making it easy for people to create amazing cakes and sweet treats. Unlike other community Wilton classes, you will not have to bring any supplies with you- we provide everything! This four class series focuses on building buttercream skills: icing and decorating a cake, creating pipe boarders, designing six different buttercream flowers, and transferring images to cake.
Instructor: Terri Branham
Fee: $99
Date: Tues., 10/18/16-11/15/16 (no class 11/1/16)
Time: 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Location: Workforce Careers Center, room 1121
Course Code: CEW 500-32 (ages 19 & over)

register nowRegister Online here!

Military_familyJoin the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum to honor current and past military members during November. Active and retired military members will receive free admission (with ID) on Veterans Day, November 11th. Also on November 11th, the Museum will host a wreath laying ceremony in remembrance of fallen soldiers and will light an eternal flame outside the Museum, which will remain lit from through November 19th. “Portrait of a Soldier,” which pays tribute to all Illinois soldiers taken in the line of duty since 9/11, will be shown in the Museum from November 10-14.

Along with these events, there will be an opportunity for individuals to dedicate luminaries in remembrance of fallen soldiers from November 11-19. The luminaries will be displayed on November 19th at sunset.
ALPLM 2016For more information call: 217-558-8844 or visit

A perennial science assignment is leaf collection. You have a couple choices – hike around, look for the dozen of leaves you need to find, collect, and catalog — or, attend a local leaf collection hike!leaf id

We recommend either of these two options for leaf collection hikes:

Lincoln Memorial Garden leaf and tree identification hikes on September 18 and 25 – $5 per person

Springfield Park District leaf identification hike on September 17 and 24 – $5/student


BDA4The American Heart Association’s Infant CPR Anytime® personal learning program makes it possible for anyone to learn how to relieve choking infant and perform infant CPR. The kit contains everything needed to learn skills in about 20 minutes, and it can be used anywhere, from the comfort of home to a large community group setting.
Infant CPR Anytime® is for new parents, grandparents, family members and anyone who wants to learn lifesaving infant CPR and choking skills but does not need a course completion card.
Learn more about what each Infant CPR Anytime incudes and what you’ll learn here:

IMG_4776Our Making Memories blog is always filled with ways to make memories with our family in simple and memorable ways.  Sometimes we need to take time to make memories with our friends.  We need time with our friends to recoup to help us be the parents we want to be.  Taking time for ourselves gives us clarity and more patience.  So this momma had a very special night out with the team at It’s Scrapicated, located at 1326 S State St Springfield, Il 62704.13567032_1034758836599843_8089702495610086401_n


We had such an awesome night out in this fun environment.  We each selected different pieces to make.  We were able to catch up and talk the whole time.  It’s Scrapicated is a fun shop where you can truly let your creative mind run wild, but don’t worry they will help you along the way.  Their make and take DIY workshops supply metal, paint, ribbon, and vinyl stickers for the wording.  You can choose from dozens of different designs and select the one that speaks to you.  “Even the self-proclaimed, un-crafty leave with a beautiful creation.”  Most people choose to hang their creations on their front door, but some have found a way to incorporate into their home decor. IMG_7893


Tammy Tolley has truly created a fun environment that is encouraging, creative, and above all else fun!  Bring in drinks and snacks for your girls night!  Come in with friends or on your own and make some new friends.  Everyone is so excited to see what others are making and cheer each other on along the way!


IMG_7912So how did It’s Scrapicated come about and where did she get that name?  According to Tammy it’s both a word and an idea which takes a piece of metal and turning it into something unique for your home.  Tammy worked here for AT&T as a financial analyst for 28 years.  When her job asked her to relocate to Texas, she knew as a mom, she needed to stay here and figure something else out.  What started as a few craft nights at restaurants quickly grew to into needing more space.  August 7th, 2015 was her last day at AT&T and August 8th, 2015 was the day she opened the shop.  IMG_7916


There are different ways you can participate in all the fun.  DIY workshops are the main attraction.  While these workshops focus on the holidays, there are many everyday shapes too.  Open Workshops allow you to select any of the designs in the shop and make it.  They also host Private Parties in the shop and out of the shop.  A Little Line Party is great for kids ages 8 and up.  They include smaller pieces of metal for the IMG_7899children to paint.  Check out their website here or follow It’s Scrapicated on Facebook.


To Register for a workshop click here! register now