Birthday Party Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

Thanks to our readers for sending in some fun birthday party ideas! And congratulations to the winners of the four pack of tickets to Cat in the Hat, Thursday night, at Sangamon Auditorium. Pre-show activities at 6 p.m. Show starts at 7 p.m.
  • Washington ParkOur fun activities for my son's birthday including hosting a scavenger hunt at Washington park. I made a list of different things to find. And just for fun I would hide some small little prizes as well. They all seemed to enjoy it. Melissa Thompson
  • One of our favorite birthday activities -- from little kids to adults -- is to decorate our own cookies or cupcakes. It's SO easy now that you can spray icing our of a can. Add different colors and types of sprinkles, and everyone can create their own! Casie Burk Jones.
  • Our favorite birthday activity is doing a special craft. For Daisy's upcoming birthday, she wants to make Fruit Loop jewelry with her friends! Emily Smith.
  • pinataPiñata bashing! Jessica K.
Summer Fun! My daughter's birthday is in June and my son's birthday is in July. When we have outdoor birthday parties, we provide water balloons for the kids to stay cool in the summer heat. It never fails to entertain them and keeps them cool! Eric Jamieson. We love to play water games (slip-n-slide, small pool, squirt guns, water balloons) for all the summer birthdays in our family. We have all the family over and will cook dinner together and then finish the night with a bonfire and s'mores. There is no better time than time spent with family. Kelsey Carter.

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